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Jetsā„¢ vacuum sanitary systems are the smart choice if you want to save water, money and the environment.

Our sanitary systems are environmentally friendly and easily adaptable, both when constructing new buildings and when renovating existing ones.

Should you need to install additional toilet facilities later on, our systems are also easy to expand. And since Jetsā„¢ vacuum sanitary systems are easier to install than traditional toilets, you save on installation costs as well.

Jetsā„¢ offers high quality, modern design and durable solutions.

More about solutions for green buildings and waste water separation.

  • Less water
  • Less sewage
  • Cost effective
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Wasting expensive fresh water means flushing cash down the drain!
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Sanitary solutions for a sustainable future

Jetsā„¢ vacuum sanitary systems are the smart choice if you want to save water, money and the environment.

Jetsā„¢ vacuum sanitary technology helps you achieve top marks in international certification systems for eco-friendly buildings, such as the BREEAM and LEED rating systems. Jetsā„¢ is a member of the Norwegian Green Building Council, meaning you can trust us to deliver smart, green solutions with excellent performance.

With low water consumption, reduced sewage volumes, source separation compatibility and less use of energy, our vacuum systems are truly beneficial both to the environment and to your building's green rating.

More about green buildings
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Be ahead of the future - separate waste water now

We are already familiar with source separation: separating waste such as paper, plastic, glass and organic waste in different bins in order to protect the environment, has fortunately become second nature to many of us.

But did you know that waste water can also be separated in a similar fashion, saving precious resources in buildings around the world?

In most buildings, waste water from washbasins, showers, kitchen sinks and toilets has traditionally all been mixed in a single soil pipe.

With the flexibility of Jetsā„¢ systems, the waste water in green buildings all over the world is now being separated into one pipe for blackwater from toilets, and another pipe for greywater. Just like we already sort household waste into separate fractions!

  • Vertical and horizontal pipes
  • Low water consumption
  • Reliable system

After treatment, the reclaimed greywater is so clean it can be used to water gardens.

More about source separation

Vacuum toilets provide water savings in London

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How to save Ā£1 million on your water bill (UK)

Climate change and growing population increase the risk of water shortages especially in the south-east and the London area. The use of vacuum toilets from JETS, with up to 90% reduced water consumption, can be a good solution to save water, and make savings on the water- and drainage bill.

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How to score BREEAM Excellent or higher (UK)

The use of vacuum toilets from JETS, with up to 90% reduced water consumption, will award the full 5 point score in the BREEAM Water Efficiency Wat01 calculation. The vacuum toilets are also identified as an innovative solution and attracts 1 additional point in the BREEAM Water Efficiency, giving 6 points in total.

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Increasing risk of water shortage in London

In London, rainwater and grey water systems recycling water to serve vacuum toilets are already in place. Combining vacuum toilet systems with recycled water means zero use of potable water for toilet flushing, and a significant reduction in the building's total water consumption.

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Know-how and expertise available worldwide

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Smarter and more cost-effective renovation

One of the biggest challenges in any building renovation project is finding the optimal solution for sanitation. Jetsā„¢ offers both the solutions and the expertise needed to help you get the job done - efficiently and at a lower cost.

There are many reasons why Jetsā„¢ is the smarter choice :

  • 80% more compact pipes mean streamlined handling and reduced installation time
  • Simpler logistics mean lower costs
  • Piping can be routed around or even above ducts and other obstacles
  • Vacuum piping can be installed at a later stage than traditional gravity piping
  • Fire-proof penetration of floors and walls
  • In protected buildings, good sanitation solutions can be achieved with only minor alterations

Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

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Hotel Ivar Aasen, Ƙrsta, Norway

The small-diameter vacuum piping proved a great advantage during this upgrade. Installation costs were reduced because there was less need to drill or tear up existing floors. The hotel remained open while construction work was underway.
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Hareid Group, Headquarters, Hareid, Norway

By installing Jetsā„¢ vacuum toilets in their new headquarters, Hareid Group reduced their water- and energy consumption as well as installation costs.
Jets reference CON Casa Daros Fabio Caffe

CASA DAROS MUSEUM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Originally built in the 1860's this museum building has recently undergone a complete renovation. Due to its protected status, maintaining the building's integrity was absolutely vital. Vacuum toilets from Jetsā„¢ were therefore the natural choice.

What we can offer

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Jetsā„¢ vacuum toilets

Jetsā„¢ vacuum toilets are available both wall- and floor mounted. with nozzles for easy cleaning or with flushing ring.

Porcelain and stainless steel models of toilets, urinals and squat pans available.

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Jetsā„¢ vacuum units

The Vacuumaratorā„¢ pump is the heart of our system. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy.

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Enquiries and questions

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