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The Jets™ NOMAD system

On this page you will find animations that illustrate the possibilities of the system.

Click on each animation for more detailed descriptions of each part of the JETS NOMAD system.

Water supply Unit

The water supply unit distributes water for the toilets, urinals and vacuum stations. The unit provides a category 5 protection of mains water supply.

Catcher Unit

The catcher unit is designed to stop unwanted items from entering the pumps and eventually the sewer system. Easy clean out and service during operation.

Vacuum Unit (M/L/XL Duo)

The vacuum unit creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges.

Transfer Unit

The transfer tank unit increases flexibility of the vacuum system. This unit allows you to set up the Jets™ NOMAD system even far from drains.

Flow Control Unit

Ensures gravity flow to drain of up to:

  • 3,75 l/sec to mains sewage
  • 1,2 gal/sec to mains sewage

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