Mobile systems


The mobile sanitation infrastructure

Quickly establish water and wastewater infrastructure for events, camps sites, festivals or construction sites of any size.

Jets™ NOMAD is a scalable system consisting of five units designed to be combined to your specific need at any site - anywhere.

  • Low water consumption
  • Connects to any main sewage system
  • Lower logistics costs
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The toilet system is more important than the sound system
— Sweden Rock Festival

Any site - anywhere

Jets™ NOMAD can be connected to any type of vacuum toilet module, creating an all-season sanitary solution.

  • Water is distributed by the category 5 protected water supply unit
  • Sewage is filtered through the Catcher to remove foreign objects
  • A Duo-Vacuumarator™ pump station powers the process
  • A Transfer Unit forwards all sewage to the end-discharge point
  • The Flow Control vents and gravity-feeds the sewage line

The modular concept makes installation quick and easy; this low maintenance system can be serviced without special tools. Each unit is based on standard pallet sizes for safe and efficient transport.

The integrated communication system continuously monitors and logs performance during operation, ensuring control and peace of mind.

Jets™ NOMAD complies with NS-EN 1717:2000 and AS/NZS3500.

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Jets™ NOMAD System

Want to learn more about the Jets™ NOMAD system?

Our five animations contain detailed descriptions of each part of the system.

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Low water consumption

Sewage is transported by air, not water.

  • 90% reduction in sewage volume results in less stress on the environment
  • Lower water bill
  • Lower waste disposa costs
  • Increased capacity of existing infrastructure

Reduced exposure to sewage

A completely closed system, and always a clean bowl.

  • Efficient and hygienic
  • One single point of discharge
  • Reduced liability costs
  • Reduced labour costs

Reduced carbon footprint

Compact design, lower transport costs

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Recyclable materials
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Less frequent use of pumper truck

Reduce microplastic emissions

Filtration system

  • Less micro plastic end up in the oceans
  • In line with sustainable strategies

Eliminate aerosols

The vacuum draws air from the toilet cubicle, eliminating aerosols

  • Lower risks of viral or bacterial contamination
  • No added chemicals needed
  • No cost for deodorizers

Engineered to last

High quality Scandinavian design

  • Long lifespan
  • Galvanized and stainless steel construction
  • Longer depreciation time
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